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I.    Vacancy:   FOREIGN TEACHER - MapleBear VCN Canadian Kindergarten
:    02 People

II.    Job Descriptions
     -    To teach with a high quality of professionalism and execute effective lessons according to Maple Bear curriculum to reach learning outcomes for kindergarten students.
     -     Follow and uphold school standards, policies, and expectations to maintain a high quality professional image for the school. 
    1.    Academic Tasks
     -    Lesson planning: research, plan, and prepare quality lesson activities in line with MB curriculum to meet learning objectives and outcomes.
     -    Create and execute grade level appropriate: free exploration stations, learning centers, arts & crafts, song & dance, indoor play, and outing activities.
     -    Parent newsletter: weekly completion with updated information; upload student pictures per unit onto server folder
     -    Student portfolios: gather and file student work, update weekly (minimum 2-3 projects per Unit) in preparation of parent conferences (include photo CD, BMI report)
     -    Academic report cards (every 3 months): complete quality assessments with professionalism language, grammar, content, & correct format
     -    Parent conferences (every 6 months): conduct 20-minute parent conferences in professional manner appearance, language, mannerism
     -    Follow daily, weekly, monthly academic schedule for outings, lesson activities, etc
     -    Chaperone and lead activities during outings, field trips and school events.
     -    Follow policy and expectations for teaching methodologies
     -    To supervise the guide teaching staff in class to make sure students’discipline and safety during class hours.  

    2.    Student Care Support
     -    Support teaching team with student care tasks: meal times, restroom breaks, nap time prep., and special care needs: medicine, illnesses, etc.
     -    Lead and collaborate with Homeroom teacher regarding: classroom setup, student management routines
     -    Support in school events, outings, celebrations and help in special circumstances: performances, graduations, campus checks.
     -    Chaperone student dismissal room and escort students out to parents during dismissals
     -    Utilize effective classroom management strategies appropriate for student age level, paralleling with school’s education philosophy
     -    Follow schoolwide expectations and discipline procedure.
    3.    Admin Tasks
    -    Actively participate weekly Teacher’s Meetings. 
    -    Prepare and execute plans for campus student field trips and events. 
    -    Support in new student parent orientation and meetings, classroom preparations. 
    -    Request needed
materials by following policy.
    -    Arrange and organize classroom environment. 
    -    Inventory check and update of materials in classroom. 
    -    Complete any additional admin tasks assigned by direct supervisors.
    -    Complete incident report and follow procedure in notifying parents. 
    -    Follow procedures for leave requests. 
    -    To fulfill any and all additional tasks assign by line managers.

III.    Job Requirement
    Qualification & Certificate
    -    Bachelors of Arts Degree or higher, preferably in Early Childhood Education.
    -    Certification for Teaching (TESOL, TEFL, preferably CELTA).
    -   At least 1 or more years working as a classroom teacher at a kindergarten school or early childhood education center. 
    Professional skills
    -    Native English Speaker from native English-speaking country (Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand).
    -    Good organization skills, with ability to prioritize important tasks.
    -    Capability in basic office software (PowerPoint, Microsoft, Excel, etc.).
    -    Strong classroom management skills. 
    -    Familiar with current educational methodologies and ability to plan.
    -    Prepare, and execute effective learning activities and lessons.
    -    Professionalism in communication, appearance, and demeanor.
    -    Love the job and love children, good communication and persuasive skills.

IV.    Salary & Benefits
    -    Salary: from 1.600 USD, depend on ability and experience.
    -    Visa & workpermits cost. 
    -    Health insurance Liberty. 
    -    Completion bonus (from 2 months salary). 
    -    Join team-building activities, annual leave. 05 days paid for Christmas break. 
    -    Have chance to join training course to upgrade qualification every year. 
    -    Opportunity to work in professional, active and creative working environment.
    -    Incentive program when having children study at Maple Bear VCN. 
    -    Other benefits & allowances following company policies.

V.    Documents required
    -    Applicantion form (Hand write) 
    -    Curriculum Vitae describe detail of working experience
    -    Authenticated copy of passport
    -    University degree, Transcript (required) and relevant certificates (if any)
    -   Health certificates are issued abroad or in Vietnam according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health (not exceeding 6 months) 
    -    Work permit in Vietnam (if any)
    -    Job application included in Application form (Hand-write) and Curriculum Vitae in English. 

*    Contact:
    -    Sent to:  HR Department – VCN Investment JSC
    -    AddressVCN Building – A1 Street, Vinh Diem Trung Urban Area, Nha Trang City
    -    Tel:         (0258) 6254 125 -  0968 180 650 (Ms.Tú)
    -    Email:     tuyendung@vcn.vn
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