Phuoc Long 2 VCN Urban Area – “One taste – Two directions”


In recent years, real estate projects invested by VCN Company have always received attention and positive feedback from customers. Following the upcoming success, VCN will open for sale the project of VCN Phuoc Long 2 urban area.

With synchronous planning, a prestigious investor, high-class facilities and a large green area in the urban complex, it will definitely bring a perfect life for those who want to own a house that meets the standards of the urban area. standards for a healthy, civilized and prosperous living environment.


Owning a prime location

VCN Phuoc Long 2 urban area possesses enormous potential based on the location and direction of the project. With those factors, the project will certainly stimulate the real estate market not only in Nha Trang but also expand in other big cities.

Many outstanding utilities

VCN Phuoc Long 2 urban area is located at the corner of 1A and 28 streets, which are two major roads that easily connect areas. In particular, the ring road running along the banks of Quan Truong river embraces the West - City. Nha Trang. The project has a scale of about 10.12ha with synchronous and modern infrastructure with many utilities such as:

⁃ Street camera system, synchronous technical infrastructure system is arranged underground without affecting the urban landscape.

⁃ High-class granite pavements, green parks,... alternating rows of row houses, apartment buildings, preschools....provide wonderful experiences.

Order real estate online quickly and conveniently

Especially in this opening sale, VCN Company will officially launch an online form of buying and selling through the website VCNLAND.VN.

You just need to stay at home, click to buy a product with accurate, transparent and suitable information.

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Phuoc Long 2 VCN Urban Area – “One taste – Two directions”
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